Fischer: Performing Gay Marriages At The Grammys Was An 'Abomination' Because Same-Sex Parenting Is 'A ...

In fact, same-sex parenting - I'm going being really direct here - same-sex parenting is a twinkwebcam kind of youngster abuse":
Fischer: Executing Gay Marriages at The Grammys was An 'Abomination' because Same-Sex Parenting is 'A Kind Of Child Abuse' | Proper Wing Watch.

We can add Bryan Fischer towards the list of anti-gay activists have been outraged by the Grammy Awards, because he proclaimed upon his radio show yesterday in which Beyonc?'s opening number a "complete raunch-fest" that was "inexcusably tawdry" and only served to set the tone for your "abomination" associated with seeing numerous gay couples obtain married later on inside the program throughout a performance of the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song "Same Love."

"If anyone care about children," Fischer said, "this factor ought to appall an individual because gay twink webcam marriage is bad with regard to children

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