Michigan tourist returns stolen Hulk Hogan shoe

Michigan tourist returns stolen Hulk Hogan shoe - San Jose Mercury News

No fees happen to end up being able to be filed, yet an investigation continues. .

According in order to Clearwater police, the lady says the girl "had completed any stupid thing." Although your woman had returned in order to Michigan, the girl had left the actual shoe behind and also arranged pertaining to 3 people the girl met while within Clearwater to arrive back it towards the store. Employees watched the safety film and known as police. Any Michigan tourist that took your shoe arranged for it being returned, saying the girl had "done a stupid thing." (AP Photo/Clearwater Police Department)
A security camera captured images of the Sunday evening theft but it wasn't until Tuesday that employees realized the actual shoe -- priced at $5,500 -- had been missing.
Authorities say the woman referred to be able to as expert wrestling icon's Clearwater Beach store Thursday, saying she wanted to return the shoe. -- Police within Florida say a new Michigan tourist provides returned any wrestling shoe autographed by simply Hulk Hogan that she took via a store inside Clearwater.

Click photo in order to enlargeAn undated photo provided by the Clearwater Police Department exhibits an autographed wrestling shoe as quickly as worn simply by wrestler Hulk Hogan http://www.grannycams.info that was taken Sunday, March 16, 2014 coming from his shop upon Clearwater Beach, Fla

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    Sepatu Wakai Murah (Thursday, 26 March 2015 13:44)

    Thankfully the thief has been found. However, the crime would have revealed. By the way, this shoe is very good. I really like the model.